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    Orientation or buying a house
    Looking for a new home? I give independent information and advice on everything to do with buying a house and taking out a mortgage. I give information in understandable language about the choices you have and the pitfalls surrounding mortgages before you actually purchase a house. You will then be more confident and well informed before you go out and meet the bank or mortgage broker. You can also hire my services to arrange and obtain a mortgage once you have bought the house.

    Selling your house
    When you are considering selling your house, it’s good to decide what you want to do with your mortgage beforehand. Are you going to rent or buy a new house? Which products or terms can you take with you and which can you do without? What are the consequences should the sale take longer than planned and you’ll end up with double the housing costs. And what if you’re left with a residual debt? I can make sure you have a full overview of all the options of your current mortgage when selling your house.

    Changes in your mortgage
    Do you already have a mortgage and no moving plans? In that case I can advise you on whether or not your mortgage is still compatible with your goals and wishes and what changes you can possibly make.