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    Pension advice is more than simply looking at a pension statement. Perhaps you’d like to retire early and want to know if this is possible and what the consequences will be. Or you might want to know what capital you require to generate a certain (additional) retirement income.

    But it’s not just the level of your income we need to look at, it’s also the expenses you are going to have. I can help you gain insight into the expenses you’ll have once you retire. With this information you’ll be able to determine if your pension is ‘good’ and if it is sufficient to be able to afford the things you think are important. My advice is based on gross income as well as net income you’ll be left with.

    I will then show you what the possibilities are to supplement your pension. I will look at what you already have and explain how to balance your future income and expenses. This might all be a relatively simple calculation, but it can often lead to a comprehensive financial plan.